These equipment packages rival those of major productions, broadcasters, and music studios. We provide consultations to determine what gear will make your production run smoothly and create the best product. Send us a message here.

Production Sound Package:

Sound Devices 664 mixer/recorder

Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun mic

Schoeps cmc5 hypercardioid mic (2x)

Lectrosonics SRB dual channel receiver (3x)

Lectrosonics transmitters (6x)

Sanken COS11D lavalieres (6x)

K-Tek 12’ graphite boom pole, internally cabled

Comtek M-216 transmitter

Comtek PR-216 receiver (5)

Lockit Box (3x)

Denecke TS-C time code slate

Sennheiser G3 Camera Hop (2x)

Rhode zeppelin, shock mount, windscreen, rain protection

Harness, bag, cables, batteries, BDS, headphones, expendables

Podcast Package:

Sound Devices Recorder

Electrovoice RE-20 mic (3x)

Cloudlifter (3x)

Portable acoustic treatment

Mic stands, pop filters, etc.

Music Recording Equipment Package:

Contact for consultation. Can record full band, live orchestra, etc. all on location.

Full Equipment List:

Sound Devices 664 recorder (12 input)

Sound Devices MixPre 10T Recorder

Sound Devices MixPre 3 Recorder

Sound Devices MM1 preamp/monitor

Kortwich 6 channel preamp

Universal Audio Apollo Twin interface

Universal Audio 4710d 4 channel preamp and compressor

Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun mic

Schoeps MK 41 hypercardioid mic (2)

Cascade Fathead (2)

ElectroVoice RE20 (3)

Shure SM7B

Shure SM-58

Shure SM-57

Shure SM-98 clip on drum mics (5)

Sennheiser e906

Sennheiser e602

Whirlwind DI box

Radial DI box

Radial Reamp Box

AEA R-84 ribbon mic

Mojave Audio MA-200 tube condenser mic

Sanken CUB-01

Octava – 012 [multiple polarity patterns] (5)

Lectrosonics SRb dual channel receiver (3)

Lectrosonics SMQV beltpack transmitter (2)

Lectrosonics UM400a beltpack transmitter (2)

Lectrosonics SMa beltpack transmitter

Lectrosonics SM beltpack transmitter

Sennheiser G3 transmitters and receivers (2 pairs)

Comtek M-216 transmitter

Comtek PR-216 receiver (5)

Sanken COS-11D lavs (7)

Ambient Trilevelsync Lockit Box (3x)

Denecke TS-C time code slate

5 pin Lemo to BNC (for time code)

5 pin Lemo to 5 pin Lemo (for time code)

5 pin Lemo to 4 pin mini Lemo (for Red camera time code)

Zeppelin and windscreen

Rain protection for boom and mixer

12’ K-tek boom pole

50’ PSC boom op cable

Breakaway cable (20’ with 50’ extension)

Sound blankets (2x)

Mic stands (16x)

25’ Canare mic cable (12)

50’ Canare mic cable (4)