Taylor Bradshaw began his career producing albums in his drummer's basement in high school. Since, he has moved on to various professional audio applications in New York City.

Taylor Studied in the Sonic Arts Program at the City College of New York, learning music production and classical music composition and theory. As a working music producer and classical composer in school, Taylor pivoted into the film industry when approached with a slew of film scoring jobs - and loved it. Using this foothold in the film world, he began creating sound design and mixing post production audio and surround sound mixes for independent films, eventually ending up recording sound on film sets.

It is here that his career took off. Diving headfirst into production audio for picture, Taylor has been a fluid component of the audio scene in New York, seamlessly maneuvering between corporate film sets, indie ADR sessions, orchestral recording sessions, and punk rock shows.

Now, Taylor is at the center of a production scene in New York, always working on a diverse array of projects, coordinating additional projects with his colleagues using his audio kits, and collaborating on artistic endeavours.

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